Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Rise of The Young Turks ("TYT")

The Young Turks is a web TV phenomand YouTube played a major role in its success; here's a Turksvideo on media censorship. (Cenk Uygur is sometimes "Mad as Hell"; it's the title of a doc on Cenk and TYT. Here's the original "Mad as Hell" excerpt from the 1976 movie Network.) A 2014 London daily profiled Cenk. And the doc "All Governments Lie" featured Cenk and TYT. Yours truly was interviewed by TYT about media coverage of former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. 

Brave New Films' "McCain's Mansions" played a role in the 2008 election campaign, thanks in part to YouTube. Ditto for this citizen journalism video about the then-dictator of Tunisia, and for this music video that helped build the successful insurrection against the dictator.

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